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My Great British Sewing Bee live adventure

Saturday 23rd of September will be etched into my brain as one of the best days of my life! It was the day I got to meet some of my sewing idols and take part in a sewing Bee challenge.

So let’s go back to two weeks ago when I had a phone call literally out of the blue asking if I’d like to compete in a live alteration challenge on the super theatre in the Great British sewing Bee live event #gbsblive. I couldn’t even remember applying but I said yes immediately, I mean who wouldn’t right.

So with careful planning I decided to travel up to Bath on the Friday night to stay with my daughter and her boyfriend so that we could all megabus it up to London first thing in the morning (6:30am 😩😩) but that would mean we got into London at 9:30am and we had the whole morning to see some sights before getting the tube over to the Excel centre.

The journey was really lovely, even though I was tired, we had a breakfast picnic on the bus and I got to catch up on my reading. The Mega bus comes in at Victoria bus station which is an easy walk to Buckingham palace –

The Queen wasn’t in so we didn’t stop for a cuppa 😁

We then walked to Trafalgar Square to grad some sandwiches and stuff to take with us to the ExCel so that we didn’t have to hang around for food ( my daughter works at the ExCel sometimes with her job and she said it might be a bit more expensive if we ate there so taking sandwiches was a good choice)

We then decided to go the the national portrait museum as it was right there, plus we needed to use the facilities and theirs are always spotlessly clean

So onto the ExCel centre, now is it just me or does anyone else hate using the tube in London, people are so rude. But 3 trains later we make it, it was really busy and hot, yuck!

We got there with time to have a look around and have our sandwiches. I then had to leave my daughter and her boyfriend to go to the stage area 😬. Behind the scenes I got to meet my fellow contestants (the wanna bees 😂😂) and the real bees, Rumana, Tracey, Jade and Julie and then the judges and host came in Patrick, Esmee and Jenny Eclaire.

I had the most amazing chat with Esme and Jenny for about 10 minutes they are wonderfully lovely people and I absolutely adore Esmee she is such an inspirational sewer.

Then it was show time, I was teamed with Rumana ( I secretly wanted her as she is a beautiful person) and when the challenge was revealed to my horror it was a bright orange tee-shirt! Ewwww Orange! So I did the only thing I could and went all out crazy teaming it with a leopard print cotton and made the best of a bad job. With Rumanas help I made a dress/top type thing, upon reflection I could have done more with the front but I like it!

I didn’t win the challenge but you know what I didn’t care at all, I made some amazing friend, met my idols and had a fab day out with my family. It was a brilliant day and one I’ll remember for ever.

Here is a video of the challenge 😉

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One of my favourite patterns

When testing for George and ginger patterns I often fall in love with her patterns and repeat them over and over in different styles and fabrics.

One pattern that I just totally fell in love with is the Mood dress. When making this dress I was concerned about the amount of fabric I would need, but surprisingly I didn’t use as much as I thought I might and the making up of the skirt was so easy.

The finished look is amazing and for the final photo shoot I chose a castle just down the road from me in Ogmore-by-sea, Bridgend. Take a look 👀

ighly recommend you add this pattern to your stash, George and ginger even show you some hacks to change it to a skirt, which is my next project.

Find it here : George and ginger Mood dress

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