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Boring £4 tee shirt to bespoke raglan shirt

I needed a panel ASAP to test a pattern for a designer, but I couldn’t find one locally so as I was shopping in Asda I came across this fab Star Wars tee shirt in a size 22.It was a bit big for me but I figured there would be enough fabric to make a panel for the raglan pattern I was testing, luckily I was right.

So cutting up the tees hit along the seem lines was easy enough and then it was simply cutting out the pattern.And here is the result! I accompanied it with some stripy fabric for the arms and I think it is a great success.

If you want to give it a try the pattern it’s brand new and is on sale at the moment from Petite Stitchery for only $7 And any cheap tee shirt will do as long as it’s big enough to fit your front pattern piece!

happy scatty sewing

Julia xx

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Pattern testing

I’ve been sewing now for just under 5 years! It seems like I’ve been doing it all my life but no it’s only been 5 years since I had to be shown how to turn on my machine because that’s how green I was back then. All these years I never really thought how pdf patterns get to be the finished article i.e. how do designers get them so perfect every time.

Pattern testing beginnings

I answered an advert for a pattern tester about 2 years ago for a high low hem skirt from Orange Daisy design, I had no idea what to expect as a pattern tester and how fast the turn around would be, but I was game to learn all about this strange world of designers. I downloaded the file and then set about constructing and making the skirt, it was then I learnt it is not such a simple job.You see the thing is I didn’t quite expect the testing aspect to be quite as complex, there were a number of revisions to the pattern, the questions and queries about fit and ease of the instructions, it was all a bit alien to me but I was loving it all. I have to be honest I’ve made numerous versions of the skirt and it turned out to one of my favourite designs for the summer and a real staple for my wardrobe.


Since then I have tested for numerous designers, I was a tester for George and ginger patterns G & G all last year and made some fantastic clothes

Now I’m testing for several others such as Petite Stitchery, Sew sweet patterns, Sewing for a living, Bella sunshine designs, Weekend patterns and more

I can’t show you anymore they haven’t been released yet shhhhhhhh secrets 🤫

Why test?

I test so that I can learn. I’ve learnt how to follow these patterns and how to sew them, now I want to learn how this process works, how the patterns go together, what the process is to construct and build the patterns, I will design my own one day,

But the main reason I do this is because I’m in a group with great likeminded people, I work on amazing designs with fantastic designers, I get to be a model and have my 15 minutes of fame and it’s fun.

Am I addicted?

Yes, yes I am! When in the George and ginger group I got a real buzz helping the designer out, it made me feel as if I had a little part in the final product (although not really the designs were so good they very rarely needed any input at all) but it made me feel proud and self important for a brief moment.

One day it’ll be me…..

One day I’ll design my own pattern and have my own testers and this experience will allow me to understand how and why people from all around the world do pattern testing for free, they put their lives on hold to make and remake garments for people they’ve never met before and then stand out in the cold taking pictures to help a designer have a successful product……. it’s because we love it, I love it!

Now I have to go I have a top and pair of trousers and a bag to make for 3 different designers in the next 5 days 😱😱😘

Happy, scatty sewing everyone ❤️❤️

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