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Sorry, my bad

I’m sorry for being so quiet, but I’ve had a lot to do of late. The main thing is that I’ve finished my teacher training and although I know I’ve already passed I have to wait until Wednesday for the official announcement 🤣🤣 so now that’s out the way I have spent the last month sewing and testing for indie sewing pattern designers.

So let me show you what I’ve been making:

All this since I stopped studying! Didn’t realise how much of my time was being wasted studying 😂😂😂 I could have been homing my sewing skills.

My awakening

Ok I’ve had an overlocker (serger) in storage for over a year (closer to 2) and I was too scared to use it, so I made a pledge with myself, when I finished uni I would sit myself down and learn how to use it by watching the Craftsy video I had bought 2 years ago with the full intention of learning when the damn thing was new. So that’s what I did and now I’m a serger master, I’ve made loads with it, well that was up until it broke! And now I feel bereft without it, strange for so long I was scared of the stupid thing and now I can’t live without it 😂😂😂

So whilst I have the stupid thing fixed I’m having to revert to using my sewing machine and the overlock stitch to finish off all my seams adding multiple hours to my sewing time (it feels like hours now) 😫, isn’t it strange how you can be so scared of something for so long and then realise you can’t live without the damn thing?? 

Sewing for my holidays

Again I’m trying to sew all my own clothes for my holidays and I’m determined to make my own bikinis and so far I’ve made 3 all different designs, I’m actually enjoying using swim fabric, it’s really slippery and challenging but great fun to use. See the pics above to see my bikini attempts.

Well I have a huge amount of sewing to get through before my holiday in August including making my graduation dress! Yes I’m going to my graduation this time in University South Wales, Newport, but I can’t find the right fabric for it and time is running out, so I’d better get a move on 😀

I promise it won’t be this long again 

Happy scatty sewing guys

Julia ❤️❤️

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My holiday makes

Ok, every home sewer makes a few things for their hols, to stand out in the crowd, to look unique what ever the reason it is always nice to wear something that you’ve made yourself.

I set myself the task to make the majority of my holiday clothes this year, i even contemplated making my bikinis, but that can wait till next year.

so here are the outfits I made


Quite a collection and I wanted to make so much more but time for the better of me as usual.

Well since then I’ve made my new regency dress for the Jane Austen festival grand promenade on September 10th

And I’m in the process of finishing off my turban to match it

Then after that it’s back to uni and my first half Marathon in Cardiff if you want to donate to my chosen charity Macmillan cancer please go to the link below

I’m hoping to make a few more items before the dreaded day I have to go back to uni so watch this space.

If you want any info on any of the patterns I used to make any of my clothes get in touch

Happy Scatty sewing

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Orange Daisy hi low skirt


It’s been a while hasn’t it, that’s because I’ve spent every waking day sewing for my holiday, which I’m on right now, blogging on my sun bed…. see

I’ve been pattern testing as well for orange blossom patterns, specifically the hi low skirt.

This is my daughter modelling her skirt, I literally made this the night before we flew out because she saw mine and wanted one for the holiday, it took me under 2 hours and fits perfectly.

It is a great pattern and will be available from the 12th August here 

I highly recommend it

I will blog at the end of the week with all my other makes once I’ve modelled them all

Happy scatty sewing xx

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The Great British Sewing Bee is Back

I was so exited to see the contestants on the sewing bee this year and what the first challenge would be. Last night I sat with the cat curled up on my lap and was glued ( I know I wasn’t the only one) it was fantastic.

The first Chevron task was just a test to see if you had the basic cutting out and sewing skill, I would have probably done quite badly on this as my cutting skills are a bit ‘that’ll do’ but this was a precise cutting task. The sewing up was simple but I was shocked that some sewers had never used Bias binding or finished off a garment with it! That’s like sewing 101 surely??

The second task was great, the maternity top into a suitable item. I would never of made a skirt or top, the easiest thing to do was to keep it as a dress and adapt it with darts gathering/pleats and trim. I would have draped it on the dummy and created something unique instead of making a boring skirt, why would they think that was acceptable??

Third task the skirt task was fantastic, I loved the skirt that won and the skirt with boning brilliant, and that little gadget to make the pleats😯 fantastic, I will be making myself one of those. To be fair I was impressed with all the skirts and the effort put in, it’s tough to make something under a time constraint like that.

In the end I think the right person went although I would have liked to have seen more from him, but someone has to be first out I suppose 😞

Can’t wait for episode two now

Happy scatty sewing everyone




Just a quick one tonight I just made my first pair of leggings out of a cheap charity shop maxi dress, just a practice pair  but I got the pattern from Pattern for pirates

Any I made this a couple of weeks ago 

That is a Tina givens Olivia pattern without the pocket you can find it here Tina

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Jersey is a pain

I’ve decided to use different types of fabric to extend my sewing experience, so first off I plumped for Jersey.

Jersey fabric is a pain, if you make a mistake and try to unpick it it just rips! I made a Tina Givens pattern (check out my last post) I decided to try the Olivia (Olivia pattern) in a red jersey, everything was going fine until the neckband and then the nightmare began. I just couldn’t get it right at all and every time I tried to change it I just made it worse.

In the end I managed to sort it but I’ve never felt so frustrated at sewing in my life! Jersey is proving to be a worthy adversary 😩😩

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New year, new pattern designer obsession

I know its the last day of January and its a bit late, But Happy new year everyone!

Why so late? Ive been so busy with my day job of being a childminder and my teacher training has stepped up a notch as well so I have had other distractions to occupy my little brain, but that hasn’t stopped me from researching new pattern designers and on line haberdasheries.

My latest love is Tina Givens designs ( Tina givens patterns ) I love the way they are so loose and comfortable, they are really boho chic and I love that style. I have managed to sew up one top last weekend in just 2 1/2 hours, its the Honey pattern you can find it here Honey pattern


This is my version made with cotton lawn…


It is so floaty and fits like a dream, I wore it teaching on Thursday and everyone remarked on how lovely it was.

Yesterday I went fabric shopping to Lee’s in Swansea ( Lees fabrics ) and picked up a few meters of cotton jersey to make a few more of her designs. Today I hope to make the Juliana top with my new fabric.

Ive also downloaded The Megan romper pattern from Made for mermaids ( made for mermaids ) it seems very versatile with options for shorts, long sleeved and short, trousers, short skirt and long, it just looks amazing for the summer. The only down to the pattern is you have to print 80 pages! 80! but I suppose once printed you only have to print a few different ones to adapt the patterns. 

The good thing about the pattern is that there are lots of fabric options so it can be made for the summer months and a knit to wear in the winter months and as its on offer for only $7 at the moment it’s a bit of a bargain. 

So I’m off sewing, I will check in with you more often now things have settled down a bit more.

Happy Scatty Sewing


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What an exiting month

Hi guys

I can truly say I have had a roller coaster of a month!

I spent the day with my sister in London showing off my sewing talent to some very lovely people, it was so exiting I almost burst, but it was very very tiring also. I also visited a few haberdasheries whilst in the big smoke but found them a little pricey, I think I’ll stick to Lees of Swansea far more reasonable.


I also gained a few new letter after my name….. MAEd! Yes finally I have my masters in education and I passed in style. It almost killed me but I was triumphant in the end. My teacher training is going very well and my class of 16-18 year old girls are lovely and not as bad as everyone warned me, I work with 2 year olds day in day out I can cope with anything after those monkeys 🙂

Christmas is upon us and I’ve been seeing up a right old storm, as I sure may of you guys have. Everyone has at least one thing seen from me this year and all I have to do now is make a dress, thinking another Anna (by hand London) I do like that pattern and the fit.

Just leaves me to say

Merry Christmas guys

Happy scatty sewing

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Hi guys

I’ve been looking around for good christmas gift ideas and I’ve come up with a few corkers for you

First is a art and crafts case that is small enough to fit in your handbag for all those child being bored in need of entertainment moments

Here’s one I made :

It has a blackboard (blackboard fabric from it has space for pencils, crayons and a storage area for colouring books, it’s fab.
This tutorial is for homemade slippers! I haven’t tried it out yet and you do need to translate it but it looks super cool and I’m definitely giving it a go.

And for the little ones these look fun, superhero masks

Give them a go, christmas starts now for us home sewers

Happy scatty sewing

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A new chapter


Well I’ve started a new chapter in my life, my masters is behind me (pending my final result) and my teacher training has begun. It’s all very exciting but now I have to stop dressing like a childcarer and dress like a teacher, what do teachers wear these days anyway? In my day it was corduroy jackets with leather patches on the elbows and frilly 80’s blouses and tweed skirts! 

I think the image of the teacher has improved since then somewhat and over to my pattern collection, which had to have a new home because it has become so vast! Don’t tell my husband 😮! 

So I thought Simplicity  1080 might be a good place to start.

I chose some Makower fabric Sakura blossom and for the pocket some Hubble and rose spotty blue. I’ve got to the stage of making up the sleeves and had to stop as the rugby was on, (sorry but England V Wales in the World Cup takes precedence) but when looking at it I’m not sure now 

 Maybe I just need to see it finished and on before deciding, sometimes I make things and immediately hate them and then after a few wears just love them and want to make more.

After this dress I plan to make a go to pattern cape 

 I have got some lovely black wool material I bought for £4 from a de-stash event and it’s not quite enough for a full blown coat, which is a shame because it’s beautiful stuff, so I thought a cape, it looks lovely. I shall post pics of the finished article later.

I’m going to face my fear and make a pair of well fitting trousers, I don’t know why I can’t make a good pair of trousers, I don’t know if you have that one item that you just can’t get right? But at the moment trousers are mine, but I will not be defeated I will win the war even though a few battles have been lost.

I shall be back in a few days with my cape make, finished dress and my new teacher style plans

Happy scatty sewing

The scatty sewer xx

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